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Q&A: Young Chop On The Beat by J. Pablo

November 4, 2013 News Comments Off on Q&A: Young Chop On The Beat by J. Pablo

Young Chop’s favorite producer is… Young Chop. In that semi-arrogant headspace that most young musicians associated with rap occupy, Young Chop deems himself the innovator of a Hip Hop subgenre taking the world by super storm. Perhaps it was voicing his annoyance with Kanye West reworking his breakthrough record, Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like,” that had the public labeling him as a bit supercilious. His association with the violence surrounding Chief Keef didn’t help matters either.

Fact is, Chop does have his humble moments but for the most part he’s reveling in his moment, however brief. And it is his moment. He grins ear to ear when he claims he’s his own inspiration and when he recounts getting a call from Uncle Snoop himself for a beat he tells it with a heavy dose of nonchalance and just a smattering of awe.

Much like his Chiraq brethren he is guarded at first, hell bent on taking all his success as just a matter of course. Eventually he does open up more, revealing more of his boyish nature and the fact that despite this being a business he’s having a lot of fun.

So you’re from Chicago? Tell us about growing up there.
I’m from the Southside. That’s about it.

Ha. Ok. So how’d you start producing?
I was about 11 or 12 years old. I didn’t like sports or none of that shit so I just got into music. My cousin gave me the program FL Studio. Ever since then I’ve just been producing. I’m still on FL. Nothing’s gonna change.

Did anyone in particular inspire you to do produce?
Nah, I just did it because I just wanted to make beats and shit.

Prior to that though you were listening to rap right?
Yeah of course.

So there was no producer that made you say, “Damn I want to do that?”
Nah, not really.

Think you’ll ever grow out of FL Studio? Maybe graduate to live instruments?
We use live instruments in [the form of] VSTs, Nexuses, motherfuckin’ Purity. It’s got live instruments in there. [Pauses] Actually we using live instruments in this new Lil’ Durk, Signed To The Streets, this joint called “Bang Bros.” There’s live instruments in there, trumpets and shit.

So say you’re in the studio with Durk. Are there any type of beats you play him versus like a beat for Keef?
Nah. I just play them anything you feel me? Whatever they like will depend on what they’re feeling at the time. Like they’ll be trying to feel trap shit or they may feel something more futuristic sounding. Like maybe more happier sounds sometimes. It all depends at the moment.

Are you ever working on something and you just know a certain rapper will sound crazy on it so you present it to them and insist they rhyme on it?
Yeah. I try to pitch [tracks] to certain people. But if they say, “Hell naw,” then it’s “Hell naw.” I don’t give a fuck. I’ll give it to somebody else.

Can you point out any songs where that occurred?
Um, let me see… “Us.” It was originally made for Keef but he didn’t like it. So I played it for Reese and he loved that shit. Feel me? Keef said nah and I played it for Reese that same night and he went crazy.

Different strokes. So are you trying to sign artists?
I have my artist Johnny May Cash. I have other artists but I’m just focusing on bro’s stuff right quick. Focusing on getting his shit out.

You ever feel like the sound you’re moving with right now is getting bitten?
Hell yeah. A lot. My drum patterns and all types of shit. It’s ok though. Let God be with them in all their trials and tribulations. Because it don’t work for everybody.

Why do you think it works for you?
Because I’m the originator of my style. You cannot go full-fledged with another nigga sound, you feel me? It will never work. Like Lex Luger, he had a sound and people were still trying to bite it but he was still cutting through their asses, going crazy with the beats. You can’t fuck with another nigga’s sound.

Do you ever hear a Lex Luger beat or any one’s beat for that matter and wish you had thought of it
Nah, not really. Actually yes I did. The “Round Of Applause” beat. I never thought he would make some shit that sound like that. It was dope.

Who are you looking to work with in the future? Anything you can speak on?
No. Whoever wanna work with me, feel me? This is an industry my nigga. We working. This is business. There’s nothing personal, it’s just business. I ain’t the type to be like “Oh I ain’t fucking with him.” Let’s make the god damn music, you feel me?

Who were most surprised that reached out to you?
Busta Rhymes called me. That was out the blue. He was telling me that he liked the “Us” beat. He was saying it sounds crazy in the club and that he needs one of those beats. I got another call from Snoop Dogg. Totally unexpectedly like he called my direct line. I’m at a gas station, a normal day. I answer the phone and he’s like, “This Uncle Snoop. I need some of that heat nephew. You’re my new nephew.” That shit was cool too.

Do you rap too like some of these other producers?
Hell nah. I’m not finna start rapping. I might get on a track and say something but I’m not rapping.

Speaking of rapping, how is it working with Keef?
I respect his shit. He’s just going to be him all the way. He do what he want to do. He don’t a fuck what nobody say. He likes his shit. If someone else doesn’t like it, he still likes it. He works quick and he’s smart. A lot of people don’t know it but Keef’s always reading books. He’s real smart.

How was it working with Kanye?
He gives great direction. He’s cool as shit too. He knows how to motivate you and get you all on the same page you feel me?

Yeah, absolutely. So is there anything else you want to add?
No. [Laughs]

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