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Popa Wu: Discusses Raekwon Money Issues Regarding Wutang Album

January 20, 2014 Blog Comments Off on Popa Wu: Discusses Raekwon Money Issues Regarding Wutang Album

“[The album] is here already. It’s just got to be closed up by Rae,” says Popa. “RZA is head of this game right now. It’s just that Raekwon is compromising… When you a person that never had nothing and then when you get something and then it’s [taken] away from you, it’s hard to adjust back.”

The man who appeared on Raekwon’s “North Star (Jewels)” track off Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… goes on to give more information about the supposed riff between RZA and Rae. According to Popa Wu, RZA was blamed for some financial problems members of the Wu were allegedly facing.

“They think RZA did some old crazy stuff. RZA did what he did. You forgot he took y’all n***as from nothing and made y’all something. In my mind, I don’t think he would do that to you. He was just smarter,” adds Popa. “It was up to you to learn it. He’s not suppose to teach you the business, and you mad with him for that. That’s personal. We did this music s**t for love. It wasn’t supposed to be about no money.”

Despite these apparent problems, Wu-Tang Clan recently tweeted that their reunion album A Better Tomorrow is close to being released.

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