Monday, July 24, 2017

Method Man Scores With New Comedy #Lucky Number

By Prince Grant –

Audiences are in for a pleasant ride with #Lucky Number’s short and sweet storyline, familiar faces, and onslaught of laughter and comedic breaks. The film has something for all viewers no matter their personal preference. The plot is clear and well stated and doesn’t take away from the comical moments, which are rife throughout. Adding to its punching power, the ending features a subtle twist of events that is sure to leave a smile on your face regardless of which character you identify with the most. #Lucky Number delivers a copasetic balance of comedy and drama, all the while interjecting an inkling of moral standards.

Tom Pelphrey, who plays protagonist ‘Bret Reynolds,’ delivers a solid performance that will gain him a new set of fans while pleasing his established audience. Cliff Smith, more commonly known as “M-E-T-H-O-D MAN” AND Wu-Tang Clan official member, also delivers a solid performance as ‘Tyson “The Saint” St. James’ that provides a lot of the comedic value throughout. The film’s title would lead most to think it’s a tale of gambling gone wrong or some other oft-played cliché. Thank god this is not the case.

The_Saint_Poster#Lucky Number follows Bret Reynolds who after getting dumped by his adulterous girlfriend is forced to move back in with his mom and start from scratch. His first step in regaining independence is to get a new cell phone and consequently a new number. Cue The Saint who is a larger-than-life basketball player for a fictional New York City team. The Saint has everything at his fingertips: money, cars, club access, beautiful women, and most importantly a supermodel wife. While he has it all, he also has a sex addiction that leads him to constantly cheat and engage in unorthodox sexual acts with other women. After going through his phone on a whim, The Saint’s wife uncovers his cheating ways and demands he get a new cell phone and number, or she’ll divorce him. Facing a Championship Series, The Saint is fearful his game will suffer without a steady flow of sex, so he gets rid of the phone and number he has held sacred since his Rookie Year.

By way of luck and extraordinary chance, Bret gets The Saint’s old phone number and begins to randomly receive sexually explicit texts, club appearance offers, and other perks of being a high profile celebrity. Rather than return the phone and number, Bret decides he’ll pose as The Saint’s assistant and enjoy some of the fruits of stardom. *Let the games begin*

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