Monday, July 24, 2017

Letter From A Concerned Fan

This Martin Shkrelli situation is sickening. He’s an evil mother fucker to say the least. I hate to say it, but this is what you get for releasing an album only available to the elite. The Wu Tang Clan should have known better. Ghostface called on him to release it for free, but if that’s how he feels, why wasn’t it legitimately released in the first place? You got yourselves into this mess by making that album so exclusive that only a completely self serving fuck face like Shkrelli could have access to it. An album for no one to hear? Now look where that got you. All that effort, all that beautiful poetry and soul, and he’s not even enjoying it, not even close. He’s using it as a tool to belittle the Wu Tang Clan and glorify himself in some bizarre twisted way. That is where all your efforts have gone, to the sick and twisted, better off destroying it at that point, which is hard for me to say, you are the gods of rap music. There’s really only one way you have power over him now, and that’s to release the album to the public. Nothing he says has any value if this album is no longer exclusively his. He can say whatever he wants, but if this is in the hands of the public, no one will want to listen to this douchebag. They’ll be too busy bumpin to the sweet beats of the Wu Tang Clan. I hope you do what you know is right. Best of luck, I’m so sorry your beautiful art was so sacrilegiously polluted with hatred. I will always love the Wu Tang Clan with the whole of my soul.
– A concerned fan, Dustin

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