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Everything We Learned About Style From Wu-Tang Clan

August 1, 2014 Lifestyle Comments Off on Everything We Learned About Style From Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang was one of the first hip hop artists to foray into the world of fashion. They quickly learned that their influence spanned much further than music, and thus launched Wu Wear. Taking hints from all of their favorite brands, Wu Wear embodied the ‘90s style, substituting logos from companies like Fubu, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger with their giant “W.”

The iconography of each clan member is historic in its own right, and that was embedded into the DNA of the brand. Therefore, once the label launched the MCs wouldn’t be caught dead without rocking some Wu Wear gear.

On top of the label’s wild success, few people know they were also one of the first musicians to have a Nike collab. In 1999, the Nike Dunk High “Wu-Tang” surfaced in extremely limited numbers. It is rumored that there are only 50 in existence, but no one really knows. You won’t find these anywhere.

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