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DJ Muggs Recalls “Grandmasters” With GZA;

June 11, 2014 Music, News Comments Off on DJ Muggs Recalls “Grandmasters” With GZA;

DX: Given how some listeners compare you and RZA, how did you connect with GZA for Grand Masters?

DJ Muggs: GZA and me was kickin’ it around for a while. We worked on the Soul Assassins record in ‘97, and I had met him before that in ‘94 when I worked with RZA, and then we just worked on songs—me and GZA, all the time. Then there was opportunity to do a record together, so he came to L.A. for a few weeks and we went in the studio and recorded it.

DX: Is there any difference experience for you when you work with artists from the East Coast or the West Coast or is it all just Hip Hop at the end of the day?

DJ Muggs: Everybody brings a different energy, a different approach and a different work ethic. I get into watching them and how these different mothafuckas work and create. I like to see ways mothafuckas do shit that I ain’t never seen before. It gets me pumped up and shit. But as long as you ain’t lazy and shit, and you come and work hard, and you know what’s wack—don’t be just doin’ wack shit cause you think it’s dope—it’s usually a good time.

DX: So with GZA for instance, he’s know as The Genius. Did you see the genius come out when you guys worked together?

DJ Muggs: Oh yeah, he’s very methodical, he takes his time, he thinks every word of the song and he ain’t tryin’ to write a hot 16 in two hours. He takes his time. He had a lot of the rhymes done before, he was half-way done or three-quarters of the way done, so when he came in, he didn’t have to write all of them from scratch. But he definitely thinks out every word that he writes. It’s like a writer, you know, good literature never gets old when it’s well written, that’s how GZA’s rhymes are: they’re kind of timeless.

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